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Suffered sexual abuse by a bishop? Report it now.

Thank you for visiting the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting service. This service has been created to gather and relay reports of sexual misconduct involving bishops of the United States, and reports of their intentional interference in a sexual abuse investigation. If you wish to report any other kind of misconduct by a bishop, please contact your local diocese or eparchy instead.

If you wish to report sexual abuse by a priest, deacon, religious brother or sister, or layperson working for the Church, please contact instead the Victim Assistance Coordinator in your local diocese or eparchy. If your report involves a crime committed by anyone connected with the Church, please also contact the police. 

Please have ready the name of the bishop who was involved. The bishop’s name is necessary to direct the report to the proper place. You do not need to provide your own name, but it does help the investigation if you do. Your report will be provided to the appropriate Church authorities and, as warranted, to civil authorities. Otherwise, it will be kept confidential.

Make a Report Onlineor call 1-800-276-1562

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